Dr Detox Kit


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Includes the following:

  • Dr Detox Energise Me Tea, Weight: 100g
  • Dr Detox Cleanse Tea, Weight: 100g
  • Ball Tea Strainer, Weight: 15g

Get ready to detox with the Dr Detox Kit!

Get your energising fix from Dr Detox Energise Me and then get cleansing with Dr Detox The Cleanse. 

These teas can assist you with high level antioxidants, boosting of the immune system, perfect tea for weight loss, detoxifying the liver and improving blood circulation.  With a great taste and quality too it won’t be difficult to strive toward your cleansing and detoxing goals!! Not only can these teas offer so much but they are of premium loose leaf tea quality so you know that you are getting a supreme product that won’t disappoint. Loose leaf tea is the way to go if you want the best quality and taste.

Every 100g bag has at least 50 cups of tea! So, that is over 100 cups of delicious, healthy, nutrient providing tea!! Plus, we are throwing in that marvelous Ball tea strainer so you can really enjoy what these teas can do for you.

Handy hint: Fill up the ball tea strainer with Dr Detox tea and you can re-use the same tea up to 6 times! Once you finish your cup of tea, pop the ball tea strainer filled with the tea back into the cup and pour boiling water over again. Brew for afew minutes for another tasty tea. It is wonderful how far a small amount of tea can go!

Detox your way to a new, healthier you with Dr Detox teas! 🙂 Enjoy. xx 


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