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87835651HealthBod Tea launched recently and it was such an amazing feeling! After months of preparation our website, Facebook and Twitter pages are now up and running so thank you for supporting us!

We have had such a great response to our boutique selection of herbal, natural and organic teas and accessories and have had interest and orders coming through the website from all over the world which has been really positive! Thank you all for your support and all of the feedback. We take all feedback on board and enjoy constructive criticism as it assists us to identify the areas where we can improve our product and provide a great product for our customer. We highly appreciate it.

Because we are focused on tea, health, fitness and nutrition we have been incorporating nutritious, nourishing recipes into our posts to Facebook and Twitter that often compliment the teas that we offer and will also be posting recipes and articles to this HealthBod Tea Blog so keep posted for updates. Please feel free to email or message us about anything you would like to see more of or teas that you would like to purchase that we don’t already stock. We love to hear from everybody so don’t be shy!

For this first blog we thought that we would just provide a rundown on how we started the company and our future plans. So here goes …

How did the name HealthBod Tea come about?

We wanted to build a brand that was synonymous with health, nutrition, healthy body, fitness, wellbeing and ofcourse tea. That is where we came up with the name HealthBod Tea. It really encapsulated what our brand was to represent. We wanted people to know immediately what we were all about by our name and we also wanted the opportunity of eventually expanding into other health related products which we are really excited about doing for the future!

How did HealthBod Tea start?

I was walking to work one morning to catch the train into the city and just felt this ominous sense of apprehension and uneasiness as I was not enjoying the particular job I was in and I knew I had to change things up. It was a major turning point.

I knew that I needed to do something that I was passionate about, loved and enjoyed. Gav and I had always talked about starting another business as we had experience starting up his building company together a while ago and were familiar with what was involved. We decided that I start a business that I was passionate about and loved and for both Gav and I, tea was this amazing opportunity we decided to pursue because we both love it and it is part of the healthy lifestyle we both enjoy while living here in Perth, Western Australia.

From the moment we started work on building our brand and the company I felt amazing doing something I loved. It was creative, fun, inspiring, interesting and generally brilliant. Once we got a taste for working for ourselves we have not looked back.

Future Plans!

We are currently in the process of providing our customers with the option of cute sample packs which will include a small amount of each type of HealthBod tea. This allows you the opportunity to have a taste of our teas for a small cost. We put a Facebook post up recently asking you all what your thoughts were regarding whether or not you would be interested in us offering low cost samples and the feedback has been really positive. People really like the idea of trying a wee little delightful sample before committing fully to a larger delicious bag! So, we are in the process at the moment of getting that sorted for you! So watch this space!

In regards to our organic range, we have one certified organic tea called Organic Goddess at this point; however we do plan to stock further organic teas in the future.

It is all very exciting and we hope that you continue to follow us along our HealthBod Tea path.

That’s us for our first blog! See you soon

Love Rochelle & the HealthBod Team xo

Our current HealthBod Tea range:

  • Gym Junky – The perfect energising tea!
  • Queen of the Green – A lovely smooth green tea. Absolutely yummy and nutritious! Love this tea. So easy to drink!
  • Organic Goddess – Certified organic and bio dynamic. Pure and natural.
  • Berry Infused Sencha Supreme – Berry infused green tea and a great weight loss tea
  • Sugar & Spice – One of our favourite herbal teas that we offer. Sweet and delicious!
  • Bountiful Botanical Wonderland – A decadent herbal tea
  • Dr Detox Energise Me – Detox and energise at the same time. The healthy treat that motivates!
  • Dr Detox The Cleanse – The perfect detox and cleansing tea. Combined with a healthy nutrient filled diet and daily exercise the ingredients in this tea provide the assistance you need to detox & cleanse your bod.
  • Chai Time Baby – Chai is a worldwide favourite. This one is delicious, dark, rich and mysterious.

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