In order to recognise and highlight the remarkable work that charities provide to people in need HealthBod Tea is contributing a percentage of their profits to a chosen charity each financial quarter.

Many charities provide assistance, compassion and humanity to people or groups in need so it is HealthBod’s aspiration to assist those charities while also helping to raise awareness about what each charity epitomises and signifies.

HealthBod plans to report to you via our blog about how your purchases are assisting each chosen charity.  We will provide information on our blog concerning each charity that we donate to and will report on each charity’s purpose, their objectives and how your HealthBod Tea purchases are assisting.

Because there are so many worthy causes that need our help it will of course be very difficult for us to choose only one to donate to each quarter so please provide your thoughts and suggestions via email or message us via Facebook with any recommendations concerning your favourite charity and we will endeavour to assist when we can.

You can rest assured that when you purchase a product from HealthBod Tea you are helping to improve the lives of others in need. There is no better feeling than that!

Thank you.