abusComing from clean and green New Zealand, HealthBod Tea Directors Rochelle Radich and Gavin Doyle are self-confessed lovers of tea. Whether it is their favourite green or black teas right through to the unconventional herbal and health teas! They wanted a tea for everyone to enjoy.

After Rochelle had spent a number of years working as a personal injury lawyer both in New Zealand and Australia and Gavin having built up a successful building company, they wanted to pursue a new adventure and challenge and so decided to put their efforts into a venture that they were both passionate about. Tea was the natural choice because it was part of the healthy lifestyle that they had really embraced while living in beautiful tropical Perth, Western Australia.

After their move to Perth, they set out to create their own brand and mix of teas as well as their own fun and funky product names that they hope will inspire and arouse the senses! Not only did they want to create tea that was fun to drink and quirky packaging to look at but they wanted each individual loose leaf tea to be completely healthy, delicious and flavourful!

They were really passionate about having great tasting teas available and that their teas were healthy, nutritious and natural so that people could feel comfortable incorporating these beverages into their own healthy lifestyles which is so important in today’s world.

HealthBod Tea offer premium quality loose leaf teas. Within their boutique range they have natural, organic and herbal varieties. Their teas cater for those with goals of detox, cleansing, delighting the tastebuds or just simply energising at the start of a busy day. There are also tea options for those who want to relax or just purely want to pour a cup of something delicious. HealthBod Tea decided to avoid providing tea bags because unknown to many people, tea that has been processed for tea bags is often of much lesser quality and contain unnatural properties that can leach into the tea at the brewing stage, so it was a no brainer to avoid those and keep everything as natural as possible.

Providing premium loose leaf teas was a way of HealthBod Tea maintaining a high quality product for their customers.

As well as offering premium teas they were also very motivated to provide health tips and advice so that people could really interact with the brand as well on Facebook as well as incorporating a blog into the website. They also considered it essential to give a percentage of their profits to Charity and they knew that their customers would also agree that giving back was a highly relevant and important responsibility of a company. It made sense to go a step further and provide a helping hand to those in need by giving to Charity.

For Rochelle and Gavin it is a way of saying thank you and at the same time showing HealthBod Tea customers that with their own purchases, they are helping make possible wonderful, positive changes within their global community and for the future.

Visit us on our HealthBod Tea Facebook page for updates, inspiration and health tips. We would love to hear from you.

HealthBod Tea offers a boutique range of teas for the novice tea drinker right through to the most distinguished tea connoisseur.

HealthBod Tea is your online destination for beautiful tea.